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American Senior Benefits

American Senior Benefits, or ASB, is a national marketing company with approximately 70 regional offices and 1,300 insurance advisors. As the marketing arm of the retirement transition division of Success Financial Solutions, the affordable, effective solutions that ASB offers plays an integral part of the retirement transition for our clients.

What Value Does American Senior Benefits Offer?

The true value of ASB is that it gives Success Financial Solutions exclusive access to custom solutions to help meet your goals. ASB offers the best solution-driven portfolio of products available. When you meet with one of our advisors, we’ll discuss your financial and retirement goals. From there, we’ll plan a roadmap that you can follow for financial success, using ASB products tailored to your personal needs. ASB’s reach means that we’ll always offer the most competitive rates in the marketplace, and the best-in-class products are tailored to each client’s unique needs, ensuring your complete retirement transition specialist can provide every possible solution – without limits.

From choosing the healthcare that’s right for you and your family in retirement, preserving your capital, planning a legacy for children or grandchildren, or providing for your long-term care needs, Success Financial Solutions can help you maintain your lifestyle through the life of your retirement.

Success Financial Solutions and American Senior Benefits work together to meet your goals both prior to and during your retirement. Let’s start the conversation today. Call or contact us to learn more.