Retirement Transition

When you’re working, there’s one set of rules that you follow. Then, when you retire, the rules change.

We realize that this change can be overwhelming, and you should know that most people transitioning to retirement feel this way. Success Financial Solutions provides you with a great financial education so you can make good decisions. We help you navigate retirement with solutions that are geared to your unique retirement needs.

Retirement Transition and Your Financial Story

Right now, you probably have a lot of questions about the process and how to ensure that you’re financially ready to transition to this new part of your life. When clients sit down with our comprehensive retirement transition specialist, the most common questions they ask include:

  • Will I have enough money to enjoy a comfortable retirement and maintain my lifestyle?
  • How different is Medicare from what I’ve had during my working years?
  • How will the ever-changing system of Medicare affect my retirement?
  • What are my rights, options, and entitlements in the Medicare program?
  • I have a defined benefit plan. What will my monthly benefit be and/or my spousal benefits be after retirement?
  • What if I get sick during my retirement and I need long term care?
  • Which Medicare coverage option is the best choice for my age?
  • Will I lose my life insurance when I retire? What are my insurance options?

While everyone who experiences a retirement transition is looking for the answers to these questions, your situation heading into retirement is completely different from anyone else’s. The comprehensive retirement specialists at Success Financial Solutions focus on what’s important to you – your areas of concern and your family situation. Then, we listen to your story, educate you on the options, and tailor make solutions to address your concerns and help you maintain your standard of living for the life of your retirement.

Your successful financial future is our goal. Let’s start the conversation today. Call or contact us to learn more about retirement transition.

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