Tuition Rewards

SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards

Earn guaranteed scholarships - up to one full year's tuition - at more than 370 participating private colleges and universities through the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® Program.

Each Tuition Reward point is equal to a $1.00 guaranteed minimum discount off of tuition at any of our member colleges. The maximum scholarship varies by college, but currently is over $50,000!

Enroll all of the children in your immediate or extended family and begin earning your Tuition Rewards today!

All of this at no cost to you!

How It Works

What are Tuition Rewards® points?

SAGE Tuition Rewards is a unique private college savings program. Tuition Rewards Points are like frequent flyer miles - but for college tuition!

Tuition Rewards are discounts off of tuition at participating private colleges and universities. The Tuition Rewards Points represent the minimum scholarship that an eligible student will receive if and when he or she attends a member school. Schools may count Tuition Rewards as part of their normal institutional aid. For example, if a student has 20,000 Tuition Rewards Points, he or she is guaranteed to receive a minimum of $20,000 in financial aid (typically scholarships or institutional grants), spread equally over four years of undergraduate education.

Here's an example: if you save or invest $50,000 with one of Success Financial Solutions LLC's many investment solutions, and assuming the asset does not increase or decrease in value, then you will earn 2,500 Tuition Rewards Points annually. If you hold this investment for ten years, then you will accumulate 25,000 Tuition Rewards points. The more you save or invest, and the longer that you are a Tuition Rewards account holder, the more Tuition Rewards Points you'll earn!

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